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;; clear eyes, full hearts, can't loose!

all I wanted to do was come home...


Mei. 25. 1/XII. Psicóloga de profesión pero fangirl a tiempo completo.

[Likes] TV. Libros. Música. Películas. Arte. RPG. Fanfiction. Slash. Femmeslash. Gatos. Fotografía. Historia. Mitología. García Márquez. Vargas Llosa. Isabel Allende. Truman Capote. Doris Lessing. Michelle Branch. She and Him. Disney. Regina Spektor. Sheryl Crow. Monet. Miguel Angel.

[Fandoms] Current: Boardwalk Empire. Merlin. The Walking Dead. Nikita. Once Upon a Time. White Collar. Suits. Luther. Game of Thrones. Being Human. The Borgias. True Blood. New Girl. 2 Broke Girls. Raising Hope.
Past: Friday Night Lights. Dollhouse. Kings. V. House MD. Veronica Mars. Buffy. Roswell. Supernatural. Kings. Legend of the Seeker. Harry Potter.


You know it's kinda like this drug. When you're out of it, you see it for what it really is. But when you're in it, it seems like there's not other possible reality. - Tyra Collette